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​Giuliano has been active in the automotive equipment field since over 40 years as a manufacturer of tyre changers for car and truck wheels, lifting equipment for tyre dealers, and wheel balancers. Over the years, we have achieved a leading position on the international market.

A short history

Located in Correggio, the “native land” of tyre changers, Giuliano S.p.A. has been manufacturing equipment for auto workshops and tyre dealers since over 40 years.
Founded as a corporation in 1976 in Carpi (MO), Italy, by Giuliano Maselli and other shareholders, this business enterprise was converted into a limited-liability company in 1980.
In 1981, its headquarters was moved to Correggio (RE), Italy. In 1983, Fabrizio Bonacini joined the company to perform technical/manufacturing duties, and production began with this new corporate structure.
The first product was a tyre changer sold under the Silver brand, which gained a significant market share in only a short time. The key to its success was its superior quality, combined with a highly flexible production system that could quickly meet customers’ needs, as supported by prompt, efficient service.
Then, in 1993, the company acquired the brand of the defunct Maic company of Formigine (Mo), a manufacturer of hydraulic lifts. The production of lifting equipment involved a different approach to managing relationships with the supplier, since a greater manufacturing capacity and specialised techniques were required for building the structural framework of the product. Thus, the company decided to perform all the production steps for the lifting equipment internally, except for painting.
To apply its policy of ongoing improvement, which is required by its extremely competitive market, the company implemented internal procedures that optimise the work of its employees. In this regard, information technology is used to promote the sharing of information.
As a result, the company was granted ISO9002 quality certification in 1999, but continued to renew and revise its quality policy, and ultimately obtained ISO9001 certification in 2003.
At present, the company operates from two different locations with a total enclosed surface area of 12,000 m2. ​